PRO Deluxe Tan Leather Boxing Package (Bag Gloves)


The ultimate vintage inspired Boxing Fitness suite in our classy Deluxe Tan Leather and save up to 15% on the RRP by purchasing this package deal*. This beautiful Leather Heavy Punching Bag & Bag Gloves are made for heavy training, perfect for any home gym, hotel gym or even as a decorative item.

**Please note the Punching Bag is shipped without filling and will require stuffing (bag and chains only)**


  • RETRO Deluxe Tan Leather Heavy Punching Bag (multiple sizes available)
  • PRO Deluxe Tan Leather Bag Gloves. Available in Hand Size (Small-Medium) / (Large-XL)

Punching Bag Weight When Filled;

  • 3 Foot (90cm) @ 25 KG / 55 lbs
  • 4 Foot (122cm) @ 32 KG / 70 lbs
  • 5 Foot (150cm) @ 42 KG / 92 lbs
  • 6 Foot (180cm) @ 52 KG / 115 lbs

    We recommend a combination of scrap fabric or clothing (find a local fabric shop) layered with 4-5 small sandbags for extra weight as filling which is cheap & easy whilst saving you on shipping costs!

    For More Info on how to Stuff Your Punching Bag click here

    For More Info on how to Hang Your Punching Bag click here

      Each punching bag is unique with its own characteristics, some bearing the scars and scuffs of the animal. 

      % saving may change depending on if single items are on sale

      **May have small imperfections as is the nature with leather products**

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