RETRO Executive Black Leather Boxing Package (Premium)


The ultimate vintage inspired Boxing & Fitness suite in our classy Executive Black Leather and save up to 15% on the RRP by purchasing this package deal*. This beautiful Leather Punching Bag, Gloves and medicine ball are made for heavy training, perfect for any home gym, boxing gym, hotel gym or even as a decorative item.

**Please note the Punching Bag is shipped without filling and will require stuffing (bag and chains only)**


  • Executive Leather Heavy Punching Bag (un-filled). Available in 3x sizes.
  • RETRO Executive Leather Boxing Gloves (Lace Up). Available in 12oz, 14 oz / Glove Size L, XL
  • Executive Leather Medicine Ball (12lb / 5 KG)

Punching Bag Weight When Filled;

  • 3 Foot (90cm) @ 25 KG/55 lbs
  • 4 Foot (122cm) @ 32 KG/70 lbs
  • 5 Foot (150cm) @ 42 KG/92 lbs
  • 6 Foot (180cm) @ 52 KG / 115 lbs

We recommend a combination of scrap fabric or clothing (find a local fabric shop) layered with 4-5 small sandbags for extra weight as filling which is cheap & easy whilst saving you on shipping costs!


  • See video of our 6 Foot Heritage Leather Heavy Bags in action at Hammer & Nail Jiu Jitsu Gym, Brooklyn (NYC).
  • Check this video on how to fill your heavy bag.

Each punching bag is unique with its own characteristics, some bearing the scars and scuffs of the animal. 

% saving may change depending on if single items are on sale


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"Form is temporary, class is permanent"

- The MVP

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