How To Hang Your MVP Leather Heavy Punching Bag

A punching bag is a dynamic piece of exercise equipment that can be useful for professional fighters and fitness seekers alike. The beauty of a boxing bag is that you don’t need to be in a gym to get good use out of it. You can hang it inside your home, garage, back porch, or anywhere you can find the space. But after you buy a punching bag, your next step is to properly learn how to hang the bag. It will help to avoid unnecessary incidents, and that is what we will be talking about in this post.

There are 4 different ways to hang the punching bag, we will cover all of them below so you can pick the one that seems the most convenient and easy for you.

Location for the Punching Bag

After you purchase a punching bag, you need to find a perfect location to hang the bag. It should be somewhere that has open space for a workout.

The best workout requires you to have 360o access to the bag, so keep that in mind when you are selecting the place.

Also, note that you have the option for hanging the boxing bag from the ceiling or a wall. Consider all these factors and decide on the space.

We thought it prudent to answer some questions that are frequently about the punching bags here as well:

  • Do punching bags offer a good workout?

Yes, they provide resistance to muscles and cardio exercise for the body.

  • Are punching bags waterproof?

Some synthetic punching bags are, but quality leather punch bags are not.

  • What are punching bags filled with?

Pulp, sand, rags or a mixture of all. For more info on How to Stuff your Heavy Punching Bag read our blog here.

  • Are punching bags bad for joints?

Absolutely not, it helps make them stronger by giving them resilience.

  • Can you hang a punching bag outside?

Yes, but make sure to cover it or bring it inside if there is rain.

  • Can a punching bag hurt your hands?

Yes, so make sure that you are wearing the bag gloves when you work out.

  • Are punching bags good for muscle building and losing weight?

Yes, they provide resistance to muscles and build new fibers. Bag workouts are great cardio and are excellent for weight loss.

1.      Hang from a Support Beam

Heritage Brown Leather Heavy Punching Bag

Most people prefer to hang the punching bag to a support beam on the ceiling. If you don’t have an open support beam in your home, then skip this part.

Hanging your bag from the ceiling will give you better mobility when you work out. Ensure that you are selecting the strongest support beam for the task. The heavy punching bags can weigh up to a 100 pounds and can cause damage if the beam is not strong enough.

Make sure that you have all the required equipment at hand before you start;

  • A drilling machine

  • Eyebolt

  • Wrench

  • Bag and chains

  • S-hook

Now you can begin, it is recommended that you have someone else there to help you;

Step 1: Drill a hole in the support beam.

Step 2: Twist an eye bolt into the hole, tighten it with a wrench. (Avoid the using hooks as the bag can easily slip out of it during the workout)

Step 3: Connect the chain to the bag and then the chains to the S-hook.

Step 4: Lift the bag up, with some help if required, and hang the S-hook to the eyebolt.

Throw a few test punches to check if the bag is properly secure before clearing things away.

2.      Hang using a Ceiling Mount

Ceiling mount

Bespoke Heavy Leather Punching Bag

There are different types of ceiling mounts available online that can help ease the hanging process. They will come with the required nuts and bolts that will be needed.

The mounts can be placed on ceiling joists or beams. A location where the joist meets the beam would be ideal as it would offer the strongest support.

Equipment that you will be needing;

  • Marker

  • Drill machine

  • Mount

  • Nuts and bolts

  • Screw driver

  • Wrench

  • Bag and chains

Steps for hanging the bag on the mount are;

Step 1: Place the mount on the ceiling and mark out the placement of bolts.

Step 2: Drill holes in the marked areas.

Step 3: Place the mount and screw in the bolts using a screw driver or wrench.

Step 4: Attach the chains to the bag and the S-hook.

Step 5: Lift the bag and hang it on the mount with the S-hook.

Don’t try to hang the bag on dry wall, it will cause a lot of damage to your ceiling. Move the bag around a little to see if it is secure.


3.      Hang using a Wall Mount

Genuine Leather Punching Bag

Designer Heritage Leather Heavy Punching Bag

You may not have the option of hanging the bag on the ceiling or you may not be comfortable with it, whichever the case, you have the option of wall mounts. 

Don’t use the wall mount on the dry wall, it is only recommended for masonry walls.

Equipment needed for wall mount;

  • Marker

  • Drill machine

  • Mount

  • Nuts and bolts

  • Screw driver

  • Wrench

  • Bag and chains

Steps for hanging the bag on the wall mount are;

Step 1: Place the mount on the wall and mark out the placement of bolts carefully.

Step 2: Drill holes precisely on the marked areas.

Step 3: Place the mount on the walls and tighten the bolts.

Step 4: Attach the S-hook and the bag to the chain.

Step 5: Hang the bag on the wall mount.

Practice a few punches to check if there are any issues with the mount.


4.      Use a Stand

RETRO Deluxe Tan Leather Heavy Punching Bag

There is also the option of using a stand to hang the bag. 

Although they are portable, cheaper, smaller stands can be risky when used with heavy punching bags. They can move around too much - you will have to weigh them down using sandbags.

Attach the chain to the S-hook and bag and hang it on the stand.

Pick any method that you feel is the best for your location and follow the instructions. After that you will ready for your punch bag workouts, make sure you have heavy bag gloves to go along with the bag; to avoid injury.


"Form is temporary, class is permanent"