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    Our Story

    The Modest Vintage Player was created to cater for the discerning recreational sports dabbler with an eye for quality and class. 

    Inspired through a fascination in the history of sport and a passion for traditional sports and recreation from around the world The MVP set out to design and re-create vintage sporting masterpieces using the timeless materials of leather and wood with a touch of class.

    All products are hand-made using the finest materials by dedicated craftsman creating elegant yet practical sporting weapons for you to showcase your skills on beaches, parks and backyards around the world. We strive to create traditional sporting accessories with vintage qualities with our products suited as much for practical use as they are perfect aesthetics for the mantelpiece or living room. 

    Take your social sport and recreation heroics to the next level with The Modest Vintage Player.


    How it all started

    It all began during a European road-trip in 2013 where founder, Josh, fell in love with the game frescobol (beach paddle tennis) along the beautiful beaches of Spain and Portugal. Frustrated by constant breakages of inferior plastic frescobol racquets, Josh made a conscious decision upon his return to NZ to design and produce the perfect frescobol racquet made with the finest quality native New Zealand timber. Instead of the standard rubber grip, Josh opted for a vintage style leather tennis grip – which complimented the laminated wood beautifully. The leather and wood combination sparked ideas and a vision to design and create vintage inspired sporting goods made from the highest quality leather and wood – The Modest Vintage Player brand (The MVP) was born.

    Since its inception in 2014, The Modest Vintage Player has grown steadily with a continually expanding fan-base around the world, with the product range now including vintage inspired boxing, soccer, football, surfing, bocce, lawn bowls, baseball, and basketball gear with more products being released in the near future. 


    About Josh (Founder)

    Josh Carmody, born and bred in Auckland, New Zealand has been heavily involved in sport from a young age playing at a high level/representative across several sporting codes. Josh was ‘that guy’ who always had a ball or bat in hand everywhere he went…never going to the beach or on a road trip without a selection of sports gear and recreational activities in the back of the car.

    Since 'retiring' from competitive sport, Josh struggled to find quality sport & recreational goods which were suited for social situations ie beach, park, gym or at home made from quality materials and that had aesthetic/fashion appeal. So Josh has made it his mission to design and create luxury sporting goods made for play. 

    Josh has a Business Degree majoring in Sports Management & Marketing Communications and has held senior roles in International Import/Export and Sales & Marketing prior to starting The MVP in 2014. Josh is also co-founder of popular NZ/Australian clothing & lifestyle curating site www.instaboss.co  - combining his passions for premium sporting goods & fashion/lifestyle.

    Press coverage
    "Elegant yet practical sporting goods"
    British GQ
    British GQ - May 01, 2017
    "57 Essentials to a well equipped life"
    "Beautiful retro inspired workout gear combined with modern style"
    FOX BUSINESS - August 22, 2016
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    "today I received my new medicine ball... WOW!! Thank you very much for getting it to me in a timely manner. And allow me to commend you on a true work of art and passion. This medicine ball is the baddest of all bad boys in the medicine ball realm. I'm sure it will outlast even me... Thank you for providing an unparalleled product. "
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    "This is a beautiful bag....very well constructed. Thanks!"
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    "Excellent gift for my niece who happens to play for England under 21's! Beautifully made and arrived very quickly from the other side of the word. Thank you so much."
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